October 13, 2009

Let the Opening Begin!

I feel like a kid on Christmas eve... who has to wait 6 christmas eve's before Christmas actually arrives. 13 artists from my Altered Guild group are participating in a POEtic Exchange. We'll open 13 handmade gifts over 13 days in celebration of Edgar Allen Poe. Apparently he had a recent birthday. Sooooo, we're waiting for everyone in the exchange to receive their package of Poe pressies before we start opening them (which is only fair)..... but the waiting is BRUTAL! I have very little patience for such things as waiting to open presents. Obviously I've received my package already.... pure torture! But the wrapping of each gift is so fantastical, it almost makes waiting worthwhile.... Almost! Anyway, when the opening does begin, the gift I made will be opened on day 6. Here is a picture of my gifts all wrapped and tagged. When I can start opening them, I'll share pics of all the pressies here. But for now, we wait......


  1. so glad you gave into peer pressure ; D

  2. I even love the wrapping, can´t wait to see what´s inside!

  3. Wow, what fun to see all of your gorgeous gifts!!! What an awesome exchange! That looks unbelievably fun!

    Look forward to seeing your Art and Soul pics in the future!

    Yay, so glad you're working on your passport forms! The world and I look forward to Mija visits! : )


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