October 12, 2009

Testing Testing Is this thing on?!

Am I really here?
Really getting it?
I'll believe it when I see it......


  1. Honey, honey! Welcome to Bloglandia! Love you! Tam

  2. How did you find me so soon Tam!! I haven't even announced it to any groups yet! Thanx sweetie. Love you too!

  3. Ha Ha! I know what you mean... I haven't updated mine in what?... about a year? YIKES!

    How are you darlin? How's my precious Raven?

  4. Tanya! Hey Cutie, long time, no see! way too long! I'm actually sick but Raven is well now. Big Big, 2nd grade now. Better go update that blog now.... Now that I have one too, there will be some pressure to perform. Eek!

  5. No need for performance anxiety! We love ya girlie. Looking forward to your blog.

  6. How did all you girls know I have a blog? Did Kelly snitch on me? he he Welcome, Welcome! Thanx for attending my blog debut! XXOOX

  7. SOOO good to find you in blogland finally! Welcome and have fun!

  8. Oh I am so gealous of this Poe Raven exchange! So many talented artists. I wish I could have been asked to play but then again I doubt I could make anything so beautiful! What amazing treasures you have all given to one another! Sanna

  9. Whoo hoo! Mija's here...Mija's here!! Welcome to blogland. This spot is SO you! Love the banner and colors.

  10. i'm lame.
    i'm not even going to go to the top of these comments to see if i've already read this or not............i certainly don't remember, it just goes for saying that i'm a bit lame in the friend department.
    thank goodness you're my friend because i can count on you to be forgiving!

    i think about you LOTS - but those thoughts never seem to leave my head. hmmmmm.

    hope you're still loving blogging.
    watch out - facebook is next and it will suck every spare minute out of your life!

    love you, jan

  11. oh, great.
    you're already on facebook....................
    and I KNEW THAT!! i remember what you wrote about your first memory of me!

    somebody shut me up!
    xoxo, jan


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