February 1, 2010

Poe Gift Exchange Finale

Yes I have been neglecting my blog. Tsk Tsk! Quite honestly, I knew I would. It is just the kinda girl I am. When a project appears daunting to me, I start to procrastinate. Then I find just about anything to do other than that. The funny thing is, most of the time, whatever it is I'm avoiding usually isn't that big of a deal once I do it. Then I wonder what my problem was the whole time. I know, I'm silly. It's no secret!

So it is now February and my Poe gift exchange ended in Oct but I cannot blog another thing until I finish showing you all the amazing creations I was blessed with! My last post was about my gifties which were opened on day 6. Well on day 7 we opened the present from Michelle Remy. When I was a kid, I loved miniature things! Anything that was a small representation of something large, and that I could fit in my pocket, was intriguing to me... so Michelle's little E.A. Poe made my inner child squeal with delight!

Isn't he darling! He's so small he lives on my flat screen computer monitor now. Thanx so very much Michelle!

On Day 8 we opened gifts from the daring Dawn Sellers. Talk about creepy kool, look at this...

She made a leather heart pin with a metal zipper edge and a big EYE in the middle! I dig this, it is so clever and just plain fun! Thanx Dawn!!

On Day 9 we opened gifts from jubilant Julie Molina. And what a treat it was, a super groovy cuff bracelet that tells me Nevermore! Thank you Julie, it so freakin' fantastic!

On Day 10, we opened gifts from the palpitating Pilar Pollock. Look at this marvelous creation... A painted canvas heart with beautious bat wings. Thank you, thank you Pip! She's a beauty.

For Day 11, Catherine van der Hoeff sent us gifts from across the ocean and what a gift it was! See here...

A wonderful little hanging canvas with the words and images meandering from the front to the back or vice versa. I just love the peaking eye too. Thank you Catherine!

Day 12, oh what a day... I got to open this itty bitty teeny weeny box from Liz Gale. It had been staring at me for days so I was relieved to finally open it and see what tiny treasure lay inside.

A magnificent miniature book of the poem the Raven! (photo courtesy of Kelly Snellling). WoW! I was shocked and amazed and thrilled with this little book. Thank you Liz!

The last day of the gift exchange, I didn't want it to end but was so excited to open this gift from marvy Martha Brown. I have to say almost half the fun of the exchange was the super gift wrapping! So very creative and inspiring. So let's see what Martha made for us....

A fabulously functional gift with Poe written all over it... a pins and needles case! That Martha is such a clever girl. I had to hide this from my child, Raven... I could see the coveting look in her eye after I opened it. Thanx Martha!

Well this Poe gift exchange is well over and done but I surely hope we have another next year 'cuz it was sooooooo fun!! Many thanx to all the lovely artists who participated in the fantastic swap and to Michelle Remy for hosting it. Yay!

Thanx for sharing in my joy and treasures. See you next blog post!

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